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  • Payroll Form
    Form Name Date Last Revised Action
    10 Predictive Scheduling & Fair Workweek Rules Employers Should Know June 02, 2021
    2021 Federal Banking Holidays February 18, 2021
    2021 Form W-4 February 17, 2021
    American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Overview March 27, 2021
    Corporate Credit Card Policy September 22, 2021
    Direct Deposit Authorization October 31, 2018
    Employee Availability & Schedule Change Request December 16, 2020
    Employee vs. Independent Contractor FAQ March 30, 2021
    Exempt vs. Nonexempt FAQ March 09, 2021
    FFCRA Time Off Request Form April 07, 2021
    Finding a Payroll or HRIS Provider Checklist August 18, 2020
    Illinois Secure Choice FAQ December 31, 2019
    Illinois Secure Choice Talking Points December 31, 2019
    New Policy Memo Template (with Employee Acknowledgement) February 06, 2021
    New Policy Memo Template (without Employee Acknowledgement) February 06, 2021
    Payroll Deduction Authorization October 01, 2021
    Payroll Status Change Form October 31, 2018
    Payroll/HRIS Company Options March 09, 2021
    Primary Duties Test July 21, 2021
    Restaurant Operator’s HR Playbook – Play 7 – Payroll April 27, 2018
    Sample Sign On Bonus Template Example 1 July 23, 2021
    Sample Sign On Bonus Template Example 2 July 23, 2021
    Scheduling Software Options February 28, 2021
    Social Security Tax Deferral Not Offered Sample Notice September 19, 2020
    Social Security Tax Deferral Sample Notice September 13, 2020
    Time Off Request Form October 31, 2018
    Tip Pool Agreement June 21, 2019
    UPDATED W-4 FORM: A Guide for Employees March 09, 2021
    Wage Garnishment FAQ August 14, 2018

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