When you’re operating a restaurant, there’s a steady stream of numbers that need to be evaluated. Items like rent, food costs, and wages are often top of mind, but one number that probably tumbles to the bottom of the list is employee retention.

Curious how your retention rate stacks up? You’ll definitely want to see this!

The average turnover rate in the restaurant industry is estimated at 75-80%. Of course, turnover is expected, but replacing three-quarters of your workforce each year is a heavy burden to carry (and often times it’s a lot more than this)!

Try shifting your mindset and think in terms of employee attraction instead of retention; so instead of just thinking of “retaining” employees, think about how you can continuously draw them in.

But how can you improve the employee experience (and build your own loyal restaurant crew)? You can start by…

  • Becoming a dream creator
  • Demonstrating the loyalty you crave
  • Inviting employees to be stakeholders
  • Singing employee praises
  • Being the student

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