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We recently received a question via ASK TEAM CL asking for advice on how to build a great culture. She wanted to know what other restaurants do to make their team feel appreciated and valued.

So, we thought we would share a few new resources we posted that we think you all will love too!

How to Build a Loyal Restaurant Crew Video: This quick video offers some tips to tap into fostering employee loyalty. Are you a dream creator for your team?… Watch this video as it may just spark some new ideas for you.



‘What Matters Most’ Force-Rank Questionnaire: Do you really know what your employees care about at this time in their life? Have your team complete this simple questionnaire to understand what really matters to each person on your team (and to get some feedback on your company!).

And while we’re at it, check out this great new article too that will help you better connect with your team…

Boost Employee Satisfaction by Meeting These Six Employee Needs

As a manager and leader, there are big benefits to understanding how these needs tie into your own life, belief system, and behaviors (and this ultimately will help you improve your culture!).

Have a great week, everyone!

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