State & Federal Regulations

Always stay on your game and up-to-date with these HR, payroll and benefit federal and state rules and regulations.

State & Federal Regulations
State & Federal Regulations Name Date Last Revised Action
2022 Nationwide Minimum Wage Increases January 01, 2022
Nationwide Minimum Wage Rates January 01, 2022
Labor Law Poster and Notice Requirements November 18, 2021
Nationwide Record Retention Requirements November 18, 2021
Federal and State Regulations Related to Family and Medical Leave November 18, 2021
Deductions From Employee Wages April 06, 2021
Time Off to Vote State Laws October 16, 2020
Mandatory & Protected Leave March 10, 2021
Voluntary Vacation, Sick Pay & Similar Paid Time Off Benefits November 03, 2020
Documentation Required Upon Termination April 14, 2021
Unemployment Insurance Information by State February 08, 2021
Predictive Scheduling and Fair Workweek Regulations June 02, 2021
Nationwide Child Labor: Time and Hour Restrictions September 16, 2021
Nationwide Child Labor: Employment Restrictions and Permits August 05, 2021
Nationwide Salary History Ban Requirements December 16, 2020
Nationwide Ban-the-Box Regulations August 05, 2021
Nationwide Harassment Training & Education Requirements July 09, 2021
Exempt Employee Minimum Salary Requirements February 10, 2021
Nationwide Break, Rest & Meal Period Regulations April 06, 2021
Nationwide Paid Sick Leave Regulations April 14, 2021
Nationwide Final Wages Upon Termination Regulations September 16, 2021
Nationwide Overtime Regulations April 07, 2021

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